The Top 10 Reasons Nobody Will Hire Me

1. I am stuck in that point in my career where I’m 5 years out of college so I have experience, but not enough to get me a job that will get me hired over the other people twice my age who recently lost their jobs too.

2. I have a business degree like the rest of the world.

3. I did not graduate from college with a 4.0 GPA.  “Looks like you just missed the cutoff, sorry.”

4. The college I went to was a mid-major which was a great school and I have nothing bad to say about it. I have been told that since it was not a Big Ten or major school that my below 4.0 GPA disqualifies me for a job.

5. Every time I apply for a job I get some email back saying the job was closed and nobody was hired or they have increased the requirements to you must have a MBA. Sorry, not taking on $30k in debt just so it looks like I’m smarter on paper.

6. I have told people that I ride my bike to work some times. This means I’m weird.

7.  Businesses are just not hiring so they can’t hire me. Well, the same ones that are on Monster and Careerbuilder are. There’s only so many times you can re-apply with the same 50 companies.

8. I love recessions. Gives everybody a true perspective on how much crap we have and don’t need. No new business means no job for this business major.

9. I live in   where we lead the nation in unemployment and foreclosures.

10. I found out that employers scan resumes with an algorithm similar to what Google uses to read the internet. It searches for keywords like managed, directed and other typical resume jargon and weeds out those resumes based on how many times those words are used and then sent to a human. I don’t “spam” my resume with BS, just results, but maybe I should. How funny would a resume with just the word managed look all over it.


  1. Andrea says

    This is the best website ever and everyone should use it everyday forever and ever!

  2. Professionalism says

    Dead on!

    You know they say you should never type anything on the internet that is negative because once it is out there it is permanent and can be traced back to you. I.e. private companies or government agencies when they run back ground checks on your name or associated online user names to get a feel for your persona.

    You know what I say…who gives a !@#!, what are they going to do? Not…not hire you. (I bet you nine times out of ten that job potential job is lined up for one of their golfing buddy’s sons anyway.)

  3. says

    @ Professionalism

    Agreed. I do not think its being negative but more or less just speaking the facts. I bust my butt just as much or more than other people but when twice as many people are applying for the same jobs, it all comes down to whats on your resume. I have been applying for finance jobs since I worked in that field. Right now the finance sector is not doing so strong. Its probably time I change career fields.