The Top 10 Reasons To Join The Build A Niche Store Guide Contest

10. When you join the Build A Niche Store Guide Contest you are being entered into a free contest where a professional webmaster is giving a money making website.

9. Mark Hansen is the internet marketing guru who is giving away the site and he has been in the business for over 10 years interneting it up. You can find him at his flagship site called TheNicheStoreBuilder.

8. Based on Mark’s experience he thinks that the website he is creating about golf putters will bring in over $400 a month. Even if you hate golf you cannot hate $400.

7. The tactics he is using to build the website are based on the e-book called the Number One Way To Make Money Online which was written by two very successful internet marketers.

6. The guide was written off of the success of the software Kelvin and Adam created called the Build A Niche Store software which pulls listings from eBay of your choice that you can display on your site. When somebody goes through your site and buys you earn a affiliate commission.

5. Mark has already spent over $100 on building content to the site and its not done yet.

4. When the site is all done it will probably be better than any site you have in your portfolio.

3. Who does not want an extra $400 a month going into their pocket for doing nothing?

2. You will learn more from joining the rss feed on his website then any other marketer out there.

1. Who said there was no such thing as a free lunch? Well, your not getting lunch but $400 a month will more than cover the bill.